Augusto Arellanos

Director General Evercore México

Augusto Arellano is CEO of Evercore Mexico, Chairman of the Board of Evercore Casa de Bolsa and member of the Firm’s management committee. Evercore Partners Mexico’s activities include financial advisory services and through Evercore Casa de Bolsa, investment and risk management advice, trade execution, underwriting and custody services for client assets.

Prior to his current role as CEO of Evercore Mexico, Mr. Arellano was Senior Managing Director responsible for Evercore Partners Mexico’s Real Estate group. Mr. Arellano pioneered the Fibra (REIT) market in Mexico, structuring the first Fibra in the real estate market (FUNO), the first lodging Fibra (FibraHotel) and the first Fibra in the country specializing in premier quality assets (Danhos). In the past six years, under the direction of Mr. Arellano, Evercore Mexico has participated in several important investment banking transactions in the Mexican real estate market for an amount that exceeds usd 20 billion.

Mr. Arellano joined Evercore Partners Mexico in 1996. Prior to joining Evercore Partners Mexico, he was a staff member of the Director of Financial Engineering and Sector Projects for Banobras.

Mr. Arellano received a B.A. in Economics from ITAM and a Ph.D in Economics from the Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain.


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